Poppa Roo

Poppa Roo

The Roo family Poppa

Poppa Roo is the head of the Roo family.

Momma Roo

Momma Roo

The Roo family Momma

Momma Roo looks after all of the Roo family Kangas. She loves to code and helps everyone learn.



The Coding Kanga

I'm a red kangaroo from Australia but I was born in England.

I love coding, my momma is a developer and she taught me to love coding. I hang out at the coder Clubhouse with all my coding friends.



Roopert's little brother

Rooben is Roopert's little brother.  He is 10 years old and has a twin sister called Roobeth.



Roopert's little sister, Rooben's twin

Roobeth is Roopert's little brother.  She is 10 years old and has a twin brother called Rooben.

Say Hello

to the Roos

Roopert is a lovely, fluffy red kangaroo.  On the outside, he’s just your ordinary everyday sort of kangaroo; he’s kind, he’s helpful, he’s polite, he’s clever….and he’s very, VERY  BIG.

And he’s also a bit Ginger.  Well, a lot Ginger in fact.  But Roopert doesn’t mind being Ginger (although he prefers to be called “strawberry blonde”).

But. more than all these things, he’s also English.  Which is extremely rare for a red kangaroo from Australia!

So, really, he’s far from ordinary.

A long, long time ago, Roopert’s great, great, great, great Grandparents moved to England for a better life.  They hopped onto one of the returning ships that had recently landed in Perth, and traveled for 6 long weeks.  They landed in Southampton and decided to travel to the very heart of England to explore the English countryside and make their new life.  And so the Roo family settled down in beautiful Derbyshire, meeting new friends and even a few other kangaroo families – who knew?!

Fast forward many years and now the newest Roo family have emigrated to Australia.  Momma, Poppa, Roopert, and the twins – Roobeth and Rooben – moved from Derbyshire 5 years ago and now live in Melbourne – the very best city in the whole world!

The Roo family are very well loved in the area where they live.  Momma Roo is a developer who works for a software development company who create very clever and complex programs.  Momma Roo loves to code and has been teaching her family since they were little joeys.  Roopert is the best at coding of all his siblings and he loves it so much that he started a coders club in his back yard with some of his friends.  Poppa Roo does a special job where he makes sure that the internet is always working.  Well, sort of – he makes sure that the internet works for everyone in his Company.  As a hobby, he also likes to make computers – Rooben loves to do this too.

Momma Roo feels that learning about computers, coding and the technology around us is so important that she began to look at ways to try to teach other parents and children about all of these things.  And so she decided to start this website to help others and also for Roopert and his Clubhouse friends to share their ideas and stories about how they learn about technology and how they use it in everyday life.

We all hope you love learning about the Roo family and our lives in Australia…and also about coding!

If you have any ideas or questions, just drop us an email and we hope to help you.


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