Binary Activity 2

We hope you enjoyed doing activity 1.  Let’s have a little more fun!

This time, we’re going to let some of the Clubhouse Coders play too.

Take a look at the legend below

For this simple exercise, each of the Clubhouse Coders has been given a number 0 or 1.  So each of the Clubhouse friends represents a binary number.  First, you will need to convert the characters into a binary number, and then use your BUG CARDS to decipher the code.

If you don’t have the Card Game yet then you will need to click here to download it before you begin.

All of these Clubhouse Coders represent the number 1;

All of these Clubhouse Coders represent the number 0;


What you need to do is to convert each of the clues below into a binary code.  Once you’ve done that, you then need to use the BUG CARDS to decipher the code.

Let’s try the first one;

We know that Luke, Rooben, Lucy and Jayson all represent a 0, and Eksemel represents a 1.  So, if we use the legend we will be able to figure out whether the character is a 0 or a 1.  So, for the above example, this gives us a binary code of 00001.

Next, we need to use the BUG CARDS to determine the final answer.  The first number in our code is 0 so we ignore the first card.  The second number is 0 so we can ignore the second card.  The third number is zero so we can ignore the third card.  And the fourth number is also zero so we can ignore the fourth card.  The fifth number is 1, so we need to take the number from the top right of our fifth card.  This is a 1 – so the answer is 1!


So our answer is 1!

Now it’s your turn to try a few;


You can download this activity sheet here

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