Internet Safety

The internet stores a vast amount of information that everyone can access.  It is even called the information super highway because of that.  It is an interesting place to learn and a bridge that eliminates the gap between families and friends from the opposite sides of the world. Despite of all the benefits that the internet offers, there is a danger that comes along with it.

The cloud keeps on growing every single day.  As it grows, people are searching for all the possibilities it can offer, and some people cross the line.  From breaking rules and stealing information, the internet can be a dangerous avenue especially for children.

As internet users, we should all be knowledgeable enough about internet safety. We should all be vigilant and aware in order to protect ourselves, and the people we love, from the risk. In order to be safe, we should know the dangers. There is a big possibility that we keep on surfing the net without knowing that our computer and our life could be in danger. There we are enjoying ourselves, clueless of what will happen next. It is important for us to know internet safety so that we become one of the growing number of victims of internet hazards.

Children are prone to this danger. In order to lessen such hazards, parents must guard and monitor their children’s activity over the net. If possible, discover the internet together and talk about the risk of using it. It is also good to set strict rules in using the internet but keep in mind to the positive aspects of using it.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips on safe internet usage:

Do not put everything about you online
You are giving people the chance to harm you through this information. Just put only the necessary and basic details about you. Never put bank accounts, phone number, or addresses if possible.

Be careful with what you post and who you meet online
The internet doesn’t have a delete key. You may delete it, but other people will still have a copy of it. Think before you click. The same goes with meeting people online. You do not really know who they are, thus you could be putting your life at risk.

Practice safe browsing
The internet is full of fake things. You should know how to evaluate what is real from what is not. Furthermore, do not believe easily and do not be lured by what websites show. Many victims get tangled into scams because they easily believe  so-called “proof.”

Choose a strong password
Passwords are considered to be one of the easiest ways to disclose things. Passwords should be strong enough, a unique combination of words, numbers and symbols.

Be careful what you download
Many malware is disguised as apps that mostly pop up out of nowhere. Never open or download such things. This may damage your computer and will likely be a portal for hackers to steal information from you.

There are a lot more ways to be safe while using the internet. The bottom line is, be careful and be mindful at all times. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Facebook is one of the most popular resources for children – take a look at the Facebook Parental Portal for some guidance on keep them safe.

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