Every single day brings us a new set of problems which we need to find the best way to solve – consequently, we need to be breaking down problems. The process must fit the problem or we will not solve it at all. Problems are like jigsaw puzzles that are broken down. Each smaller problem is like a piece of jigsaw puzzle that will either give a clearer solution or answer the big problem.

What are the pieces of your puzzle?
In a perfectly imperfect world, we are so used to thinking about the big things that we forget to think about the small stuff. As a result, we tend to give attention to big scenarios and set aside the small things which actually matter.

Do you ever feel like the problem is too big for you to overcome? Nonsense. It seems like the universe never runs out of solutions, you just gotta find which one fits the problem.

Therefore, whenever you are struggling with a big problem, it is always better to break down problems into smaller pieces to lessen stress and make it more manageable.

 Breaking Down Problems

Breaking Down Problems

Why break down problems?
Breaking down big problems keeps the momentum going.  We have the tendency to procrastinate when it feels like the problem is too big for us to handle.  Also, the big problem distracts us from being productive because we keep on thinking that it is a monster in our way that we cannot defeat.  But if we break it down, it gets easier to work with or it becomes more manageable.  Furthermore, when we have already found the force to start solving the problem after breaking it into smaller pieces, then the momentum will keep on going until the monster problem is solved.  Breaking down problems enables us to think and explore all possible solution to the problem.

Just like in coding, children will learn how to break down problems into smaller units.  The key to easier coding and programming is dividing the problem into smaller and more manageable parts.  The problems are arranged from the simplest to the most complex unit.

Breaking down problems

In our everyday lives, we encounter series of problems.  At times, it even seems like it floods.  Sometimes dealing with our children almost seems to be a problem, especially when we are running out of time already.  Therefore, establishing routines for them to follow lessens the hassle.  One routine that can easily be established is the morning routine of getting ready and going to school – which needs to be done almost every day.  Also, don’t forget your child will need to shower!  Afterwards, he will get ready for breakfast, then he will eat breakfast. next, he will brush his teeth and put on his uniform. Finally, he will get his bag and hooray!  Ready for school!

Alternatively, another good routine to help understand deconstruction is when brushing his teeth.  Therefore, you should try the following steps:
1. Get brush and toothbrush
2. Take lid off
3. Squeeze onto brush
4. Brush the teeth properly
5. Rinse
6. Put everything away

In conclusion, big problems can be easy when you know how to manage them right.  So, ever be afraid to break down things.  Not all things that get broken are useless because at times, it is the key that clears up the path.  Therefore, you just have to break down the problem into bits and build a solution out of the bits in order for you to find the answer – hence, this is the very reason you are solving it.

A recipe is also a good way of learning about breaking down problems.  Why not try making Eksemel’s Holiday Cookies?

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