hour of code

Hour of Code

Modern technology offers endless opportunity than any other field today. Almost everyone is given the chance to manipulate and learn the concepts because of the vast source of information available on the internet.  Maybe you have read countless times about hour of code and you’ve  probably been wondering what it means.


What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is a global movement that attempts to teach children the basics of computer programming within an hour – in a fun and exciting way. It aims to raise coding awareness, especially for kids and parents. It serves as a preparatory exercise for someone to know the basics before moving on to something more complex. The Hour of Code tutorials can be accessed on all devices and browsers and you can join wherever you are, with whatever you have. The Hour of Code is available all year long and can be accessed by anyone, with any device, even without an internet connection at times.

This program is wonderful and innovative, but how can you implement it at home without a computer?

It may sound difficult, but it it’s not. Here are some tips and activities you can do to implement the hour of code at home.
Implement it through games.
~It is the best way that a child can learn while having fun.
~Implement the lessons into games or you can just look for a downloadable and printable game online and play it with your child.
~Nothing beats capturing a child’s attention other than letting him play.
~He may not get it easily, but he surely will understand it as it goes on.

If games don’t fit him, do it in a more serious manner. Directly teach him the concepts in a simplified manner that he will understand. There are kids who learn best when the lessons or concepts are given to him directly. This goes with the principle that every learner is unique and they have their own learning style.

hour of code at home

Through play

Another way to implement the hour of code at home is to simulate it through role play, or any other activity that interests your child. It is through these activities that they participate more and the engagement level is higher.

These are only a small number of the many ways to implement hour of code at home. Teaching a child how to code is like playing Lego. You have to start from the base before building higher and do it one step at a time. Don’t rush a child to learn. Give him ample time to digest information and let him have fun while doing it.

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