Are children better with technology than you?
‘I have to do my homework now, Mom, I’ll help you with the computer when I finish.’
Are children better with technology than you?

The children of today are far more tech-savvy than the children of yesterday.  But are they better with technology than you are? They can easily pick up what they see and observe, and they seem to master the use of technology products easily. They may not know how to brush their own teeth or dress themselves, but they can do better than a 50- year old in operating any smartphone or tablet! Chances are, they are the ones that teach their parents how to use the computer.

According to the International Communication Association, 40 percent of the time youth influences their parents in all technologies studied.  From computers to mobile, to Internet and social networking.  In most cases, parent’s have no idea that they are being influenced by their child.  This is especially true in lower socioeconomic families. It’s thought that this happens because children learn, and are influenced by, their peers.  And also due to greater technology education in schools.  Whereas parents spend their days working and are confined to whatever practices make up their normal working day.

But the question that still remains constant – “How did this happen?”

Especially, bearing in mind that most technology is not specifically made for kids.  But looking at it closely, gadgets are designed for simple and uncomplex operation so that anyone can use. Children are growing up with gadgets all around them.  Their curiosity to find out and explore new things – or even just the everyday things that surround them – makes them familiar with how they are going to operate these gadgets. Children don’t have the same sense of fear that some adults equate to technology.  They have a strong drive to explore whatever is in front of them.

On the other hand, some parents – especially those born before 1990 – are not really into using computers.  Likely because they grew up in a time before technology. They are not highly inclined or engaged in using the computer as much as their children are. In some cases, parents grew up with computers, but the technology that they are used to is vastly different to the technology available today. There are huge differences not only in the appearance and functions but also in the way computers are operated and interfaced.  Technology has changed tremendously in the last 30 years.  It cannot be denied that children spend far more time getting familiar with these gadgets than their parents do.

Learning through peers and school

Children exchange ideas and information with their peers and learn new technology in the classroom.  They end up knowing far more than their parents who tend to use the same old computer to do the same old thing, every working day.  In usual circumstances, unless parents happen to work within the technology sector, parents are not exposed to new technology, unlike their children.  So, of course, children are more exposed and it’s likely your child is better with technology than you!

So there’s no denying it – it’s very evident in all aspects of your child’s life that they are more advanced and knowledgeable than their parents when it comes to computers, gadgets, tablets and smartphones!

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