So, what’s Emojability?  The smartphone is everywhere.  Almost everyone has one.  With the use of smartphones arises a new way of communicating – by the emoji!  Technology has made this one of the most prominent changes in modern times.  Most devices already have emojis pre-installed, which reflects just how common they are.  A phrase can have a different meaning in different cultures, but they are universally recognized pictographs and ideograms.  No matter which Country you are in, the emoji means the same.

The emoji is considered to be the modern hieroglyphics and are expected to continue developing as time goes on.  And now, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare has come up with an ingenious way of getting the special needs community in on the emoji trend by introducing Emojability – the mobile app that brings to life new symbols and phrases.

What is an emoji?

An emoji is a pictograph of faces, objects and symbols used to express an idea or an emotion.  The message is, therefore, more emotive which helps to communicate the sender’s emotional attitude better.  It makes it easier to convey information more clearly and accurately.  Or just to send off a message with the absence of words. An emoji is not too different from an emoticon.  One of the few differences is that computer applications include emoticons, whereas, emojis are more prominent on mobile phones and tablets.

In as much as smartphones are everywhere, so are emojis. Some of our most favorite emojis found Hollywood fame in a recent box office hit at the movies.   They can also be located prominently on lots of merchandise.

So, why are emojis so popular?

It is because of their incredible ability to facilitate communication. However, emojis aren’t as perfect as everyone would want. Emojis still lack something to cater to the special needs of people with disabilities, aside from the usual wheelchair icon.

At least that was the case until just recently.

To address these special needs, Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital teamed up with the mobile messaging platform Snaps to give birth to Emojability.  Everday emojis that have been specially made for people with disabilities are available in the Emojability freely downloadable app – and it’s currently available in the Google Play store for Android phones.

Emojability breaks down the usual emojis with its ability-focused emoji keyboard.  People with disabilities – and the people around them – can make use of a set of beautiful, new emojis.  The new emojis recognize all abilities in all their forms. Therapy emojis are available within the app which provides words of encouragement. Furthermore, it gives life to symbols and encouraging words which, until its existence, never existed before.


Emojability gives everyone a means to communicate in a fun and easy way.  From celebrating a great day during a hospital visit or send encouraging thoughts to a friend or family that may be going through tough times.  And in a way that both able-bodied and disabled people can use them.  Also, users can have access to several emojis that better represent their lifestyle with Emojability.

The app also features adaptive equipment that is very helpful to people with special needs as it makes it easier to convey their message.  It also makes it easier for the people around them – especially their carers – to understand them, so that they will know what they need, feel or wants to do – a is a big help in completing their daily living activities like grooming, bathing, toileting, and feeding.

Gillette Children’s Speciality Healthcare – the Emojability provider

emojabilityEmojability is a milestone in the industry, and it’s a fantastic way to show that there is not just one way to do something.  There are many ways to do it!

People with special needs should be empowered and encouraged by Emojability. It also promotes equality for everyone in as much as it caters and makes life easier for other people.  Especially those who need a little extra care and attention.

Emojability is a platform that should be around for a while, and its effects will be more significant than the regular emoji keyboard.

Gillette Children’s Speciality Healthcare is a not-for-profit charity so don’t forget to donate and give them a helping hand with their project!

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