Silly Coding Jokes for Junior Coders

Hey kids! As a little coder, you will want to know how to be the best coder you can be. Well, one of the best ways to learn about coding is to make it fun!

To code, you need to be able to get yourself into the right way of thinking. This means being able to code without seeing it as being so hard. If you want to help improve how you code, you need to get bigger and better at coding in general.

To do that, your best bet is to have some fun with it. This means knowing some good coding jokes, so that you can tell them to your coding companions. What, though, are some funny coding jokes that you could use to make everyone else laugh?

How can you turn coding into something that’s seen as funny for other people?

Why Does it Work!?

This funny little joke is one that your friends will get. Sometimes, when we code, things just … work. There is no reason why it now works but didn’t before … it just does. At the same time, sometimes a code that worked good just stops working, too. Coding can be a confusing place, as this joke explains!

Programming 101

When you hear something being described as ‘101’ it’s usually a starting point to learn about something. However, this hilarious joke explains just how much we need to learn about programming if we want to be really good at it!

Solving the Mystery

This awesome joke is one that you will need to get used to. As a programmer, sometimes part of your job is to go in and fix codes that other people have written. If you do this, you can usually make coding lots of fun!

The Secret to Lines

If your teacher gives you lines in school to write on the blackboard, then you might want to try this funny little trick. Just be warned – your teacher, unless he or she knows code, might not quite find it as funny as you do!

It’s Not You…

This is the perfect summary of what coding can be like sometimes. You think it’s the computers fault, and your computer blames you. Most of the time, the answer is somewhere in the middle!

Use these comical little jokes in class or with coding friends and make them laugh all day. Coding can be hard to make fun for others, but these funny little jokes will be sure to help you continue to find coding absolutely hilarious!

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