Coding Terms for Kids

Hey kids! This week we want to take a closer look at the different terms that you can find around coding. Being good at coding means knowing all of these terms, so if you can learn them now then it will be much easier to learn in the future. If you are someone who is serious about becoming a good coder, then you should start learning all of these words.

Each of them will come up. A lot. So, the quicker you can get used to what they all mean, the sooner you can start telling mum and dad exactly what you are doing!

Key Coding Terminology
  • Callback. Callbacks are used to help make sure that code passes a certain range of tests, and will then be ‘called back’ at a later date on a specific time.
  • Condition. Conditions – usually TRUE or FALSE – have to be set for certain things to happen in the code. So if a certain number added up to 5, then the condition would be activated. If it was less than 5, it would not.
  • Constant. A constant in coding is something that never changes even when the program is being used. It stays at the same value all the time, and never changes no matter what is going on.
  • Data Type. A data type for coding is all about what values that data can actually accept, what kind of programming language it is used in, and what that information can actually do when utilized.
  • Expression. Expressions are usually just large collections of data, numbers, variables, and loops (more below).
  • Loop.  Loops are when something happens over and over again until something specific happens to stop the loop and move on to something else. Very useful.
  • Object.  An object is very important in coding – it’s usually a collection of data, as well as constants and variables (more below). Very important for making sure the code works properly piece-by-piece.
  • Scope.  Scope is very important, and it’s about making sure that parts of the program are visible to other parts of the program. This helps to make sure that both parts of the program can work properly.
  • Variable.  The opposite of a constant. Variables change all the time within a certain group of features. If something happens in the code, then certain parts of the code will need to adjust to fit.
Get coding!

While these coding terms are just some of the big words you need to learn, they are all very important. If you use these words often enough then you will grow used to what they mean.  They are very important for improving your coding. If you are serious about becoming a coding super kid, then, try and learn all of the above words/coding terms and learn when to use them when it comes to coding!

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