Coding Languages
What are all the different coding languages?
What Are the Different Coding Languages Your Child Might Choose to Learn?

As a parent, one of the worst things that you can do is put your child down in front of coding practice without being present to help them. Even if you cannot code yourself, they might find themselves tangled up with more adult phrasing and coding languages. While we produce lots of content on-site for kids, we recommend that you read all of them with your child – again, while we try to avoid, sometimes bigger words and longer sentences can be frustrating for your junior coder.

One thing that you should learn, though, is what each of the coding languages means. With so many out there, that can be tough. What, though are some of the more important and prominent coding languages – and what do they mean?

Coding Languages: The Key Languages to Grasp


Java is a coding language that your young one is almost certain to run into at one point. Java is hard to get right and is used a lot for things like building mobile apps and video games. You can find that learning Java is very useful, though, as you can easily see your child make huge gains with one of the most prominent and flexible coding languages. While the learning curve can be pretty steep, they should be able to grasp key concepts without too much stress.


Python is super-powerful and is often the go-to for those who want to help their kids learn in a conventional sense. It’s used for everything from website writing to application development and data analytics. While your little one is probably a bit too young to be messing around with Python, introducing them to it and its powerful concepts will be very important when it comes to their coding education in the long-term.


Every child should enjoy using Ruby – its up there with the easiest ones to use. It’s a very good solution for making up web applications and is very easy to learn for a child. If your little one is just at the beginning of their journey to coding zen, then you should definitely take the time to help them learn about Ruby. Used right, it could be a long-term career path for them as Ruby coders are in very high demand!


PHP is a coding language your little one will need to learn if they ever intend to get into coding for websites, especially WordPress sites. It’s all about creating data-managed websites and apps and is one of the most powerful coding languages of its kind. It tends to offer your child a massive challenge, but one that they should look to really enjoy taking part in later on applications


Scratch is the perfect coding language to start off with when your child is very young.  Using coding blocks to construct programs, it’s the easiest first step.

We also recommend that you read into HTML, CSS, C, C#, SQL, and Javascript. Each of these should make it very easy for you to start enjoying a more stylish kind of coding language. It also means that if your little one has any questions then you can help them along their coding journey!

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